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Nov 8-9, 2014
Pizzi Dental Studio
4038 Victory Blvd. 2nd Floor · Staten Island, NY

Hands-On Course Description:

In this two day hands-on course Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT will use natural teeth and photos to discuss proper layering with metal ceramics while creating an understanding of how to translate what we see in nature into our restorations. Peter will show you how to create a working canvas through a simple internal characterization process to create depth and improve the value of your restorations. Unlike many hands on programs, Peter’s unique ability to motivate and provide insight to all participants, and to provide useful tips that can be applied immediately makes this program well worth your time.

Each day will begin with a short lecture, followed by a hands-on demo by Peter.


This Course will Focus on the Importance of:

• The importance of communicating color with photography

• Understanding our substructure, including bonding, oxidation and design

• Relating opacity and translucency to depth

• The ‘canvas concept’ build method, and effects of enamel filtration

• Proper use of mammelon and modifier materials

• Tips for contour, surface texture and luster


Model and Coping Preparation for Course:

Upon registration, Pizzi Dental Studio will send course model to registered attendee

for proper coping preparation.

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    Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT, FNGS, is the Owner and Manager of Pizzi Dental Studio Inc. An international lecturer, he is a Technical Fellow of the Northeastern Gnathalogical Society; Specialist at The Kois Center for Dental Excellence;...