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Aug 10-11, 2014
Oral Design Center Monterey
787 Foam Street · Monterey, CA 93940

Thanks to the rapid development of the digital technology, photography is becoming much easier recently.  However, in reality, the science of the photography is complicated; thus, many of us are still struggling how to take good photographs.  In this hands-on course, award-winning professional photographer and ceramist, Naoki Aiba, CDT will address:

  • What dentists and technicians need to know about  photography for esthetic communication
  • How to take shade and photos
  • How to maximize the use of the photographs into our daily work


The hands-on course starts with the lecture explaining the basic science of photography, basic technique for dental photography, use of shade tabs, and photo protocol for esthetic communication.  After the lecture, your camera and flash systems will be calibrated by Mr. Aiba.  Then, everyone exercises photographing the Basic Protocol™ to find the setting to achieve best exposure for both intraoral and bench photography.  After the photo-shooting, pictures will be imported into your laptop to evaluate, diagnose, and exercise the Photoshop workflow.  On the second day, you will be fabricating a zirconia single central with Creation ZI-F on using the photos taken on the first day.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learning step-by-step shade taking procedure and photo session.
  • Setting up your camera for best exposure and white balance.
  • Photoshop workflow for esthetic analysis for single central case.


Fabricate a single central PFZ restoration utilizing the Shade View photos and the other for color, & Fabricate one premolar PFM



  • Course 1_ Back to the Basics: Learning from Nature, August 4-5 ($900)
  • Course 2_ Key Effects: Concept & Application of Creation System, August 7-8 ($900)
  • Course 3_ Shade Taking & Dental Photography A to Z, August 10-11 ($900)
  • Course 4_ Foil Technique Porcelain Laminate Veneers, August 13-14 ($900
  • Course 1-4_ Register by May 31, $3100 (SAVE $500)
  • Course 1-4_  Register after June 1, $3200 (SAVE $400) 

  • Naoki Aiba, CDT

    Owner at Science Art, Inc./Oral Design Center Monterey

    A ceramist and professional photographer, Mr. Aiba graduated from the Dental Technology Program at the Dental School of Aichi Gakuin University in Nagoya, Japan, in 1982. He completed the post-graduate ceramics course at...