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Jul 26-27, 2016
Oral Design Center Monterey
787 Foam Street · Monterey, CA 93940

It was been 25 years since Willi Geller Creation porcelain system has launched.  Mr. Geller’s concept behind the Creation system is still reflected in the development of newer line of Creation.  The concept do not change, but our application has evolved.

In the course, Naoki will demonstrate how to maximize the use of the Creation ZI-F to achieve life-like appearance using two-central incisal case.  This concept can also be applied to other  porcelain systems.

  • Color in dentistry: Hue, chroma, value, and translucency; and their contrast effects in layering
  • Science & Art of ceramics: Opalescence, fluorescence, refractive index, and Internal Stain Technique
  • 7 Key Effects™: Segmental layering, color translucency, value contrast effect, cut-back, mamelon effect, crack-line, and halo effect.


Fabricate two central PFZs: one with Value Contrast Effect and the other without


DENTSCAPE Continuum 2016-2017 SUMMER

  • Course 1 Back to the Basics: Learning from Nature, July 23-24, 2016 ($900)
  • Course 2 Key Effects: Concept & Application of Creation System, July 26-27, 2016 ($900)
  • Course 3 Shade Taking & Dental Photography A to Z, July 29-30, 2016 ($900)
  • Course 4 Foil Technique Porcelain Laminate Veneers, August 1-2, 2016 ($900)
  • Course 1-4: Register by March 31, 2016 for $3100 (SAVE $500)
  • Course 1-4: Register after April 1, 2016 for $3200 (SAVE $400) 

  • Naoki Aiba, CDT

    Owner at Science Art, Inc./Oral Design Center Monterey

    A ceramist and professional photographer, Mr. Aiba graduated from the Dental Technology Program at the Dental School of Aichi Gakuin University in Nagoya, Japan, in 1982. He completed the post-graduate ceramics course at...