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Aug 4-5, 2014
Oral Design Center Monterey
787 Foam Street · Monterey, CA 93940

As the first course of DENTSCAPE Continuum, we will go back to the basic, where we started.  Teaching many courses over the years, I have noticed that even experienced technicians tend to overbuild crowns.  Porcelain layers should fit within morphology: however, we focus too much on colors, and morphology is overlooked.

In this course, we will study extracted natural teeth and their stone duplicates to understand morphology.  Then, we exercise ceramic carving on a tooth #9.  We will be fabricating two PFM crowns with basic three-layer build-up techniques on a tooth #9 for A1 shade and on a tooth #4 for A3 shade.  This course lays the foundation to the techniques that will be taught in the upcoming courses.

  • Taking basic build-up to next level with six powders
  • Precision Cut-Back Technique: Type-I, II, III
  • Philosophy & Technique of 3Ss: Shape, Surface Texture, and Surface Luster


Fabricate two single central PFMs: one for morphology and the other for color, & Fabricate one premolar PFM.



  • Course 1_ Back to the Basics: Learning from Nature, August 4-5 ($900)
  • Course 2_ Key Effects: Concept & Application of Creation System, August 7-8 ($900)
  • Course 3_ Shade Taking & Dental Photography A to Z, August 10-11 ($900)
  • Course 4_ Foil Technique Porcelain Laminate Veneers, August 13-14 ($900
  • Course 1-4_ Register by May 31, $3100 (SAVE $500)
  • Course 1-4_  Register after June 1, $3200 (SAVE $400) 

  • Naoki Aiba, CDT

    Owner at Science Art, Inc./Oral Design Center Monterey

    A ceramist and professional photographer, Mr. Aiba graduated from the Dental Technology Program at the Dental School of Aichi Gakuin University in Nagoya, Japan, in 1982. He completed the post-graduate ceramics course at...