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Nov 6-7, 2014
Implant Esthetics Center of Excellence (Sarasota)
7307 Merchant Court · Sarasota, FL

This is an advanced technician course. Participants learn to set up Candulor lingualized occlusion, physiologic anterior setups, physiological contouring and multi-colored characterization of the gingiva and processing using the IvoBase Processing System.

The Candulor Denture System:

The premier denture system used in Switzerland and throughout many parts of Europe. The system is taught at the University of Zurich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Freiburg and Dortmund and is based on Professor Dr. A. Gerber’s condylar theory featuring the lingualized occlusion system. A combination of premium Swiss teeth and products with superior techniques and tools. Also, we have added the use of the IvoBase Processing System with gingival characterization using the Candulor Color Set Easy. Take this course and find out how you can provide dentures of unparalleled quality, comfort and beauty.

Course Content:

•Introduction to Candulor Lingualized Prosthetic System and the art of prosthetics

•Practice-oriented model analysis and evaluation

• Set-up of anterior teeth guided by phonetics

•Lingualized occlusion set-up according to Dr. A. Gerber’s condylar theory

•Physiological contouring of gingiva in accordance with hygiene and functionality

•Multi-colored characterization of the gingival

•Processing using the IvoBase Processing System

•Re-occlusion and grinding-in of dentures

•Finishing and polishing of the denture

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