Gingival Esthetics for Complete Dentures and Implant Prosthetics Workshop

Gingival Esthetics for Complete Dentures and Implant Prosthetics Workshop · Oct 9-10, 2014 · Sarasota, FL

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Oct 9-10, 2014
Implant Esthetics Center of Excellence (Sarasota)
7307 Merchant Court · Sarasota, FL

This course is for the professional who desires to take removable or implant prosthetic technology to the highest level.  It will guide the participants through thoughts and techniques to achieve truly esthetic prosthetics. The course goal is to empower the technician and clinician with prosthetic techniques that will truly add value to their complete dentures and implant prosthetics. This is an intensive two-day hands-on course that has an emphasis on teaching efficient techniques for gingival base wax contouring with complete dentures and implant hybrid prosthetics. Participants will learn intrinsic and extrinsic characterization techniques using wax, acrylics and composites. With the intrinsic technique participants will use Candulor's Aesthetic Color Set Easy acrylic resins and Nexco composite resin with the extrinsic technique. Each participant will gain technical knowledge with a better understanding of Prosthodontic variables and how to create complete dentures or implant hybrid prosthetics that consistently exceed esthetic expectations and desires.

Course Features:

•           Essential communication (Lecture)

•           Individual PHONARES denture tooth colorization & contouring using Telio Kit. (Hands-on)

•           Emphasis on gingival base wax contouring using Candulor Aesthetic Colored waxes (Hands-on)

•           Gingival base characterization using intrinsic and extrinsic techniques   (Hands-on)

•           Finishing and polishing techniques for characterized gingival bases (Hands-on)

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