Note: This event is closed.
Jun 9-12, 2013
China National Convention Center

The Science Lab will feature virtual dental assistants, and have a practice area. Topics to be presented include retaining original teeth, dental prosthetics and surgery. The practice area is followed by the Laboratory Area, where exhibits illustrate the areas of CAD/CAM, milling, lasers/sintering and materials. The equipment, systems, instruments and materials are arranged on workplaces so that visitors can try out all of the materials for themselves.

The German Dental Day with symposium: While the special show focuses on existing solutions, two highly renowned scientists and practicing doctors will present future approaches to solutions in dentistry as part of the German Dental Day. Professor Stefan Schultze-Mosgau, Director of the Clinic and Policlinic for Oral, Maxillo-facial and Plastic Surgery at Jena University Hospital, will speak on the topics "Recent Concepts for Implantation in Local Bone and Soft Tissue" and "Techniques for Reentry Operations and Soft Tissue Management". Dr. Daniel Rothamel, Assistant Doctor at the Clinic for Oral, Maxillo-facial and Plastic Facial Surgery at the University Hospital of Cologne, will deal with the topics "Augmentation of Alveolar Crest Defects Using Autogenous Bone" and "New Perspectives in Implantology". The German Dental Day offers Chinese dentists an opportunity to learn about how these topics are being approached in Europe.