The Zirlux Universal Zirconia system: One system for all Zirconia indications Hands on Lecture /demo course! The Zirlux FC Universal ZR system is ideal for producing exceptionally esthetic high translucency full contour restorations by using the unique pre-shaded Zirlux FC2 high translucency discs and Zirlux FC2 stains. The highly efficient staining process used to reach A-D and bleach using the appropriate shade of Zirconia and coordinated stains. Most final shades achieved in a single stain and glaze firing! The instructor will teach the process and show participants how the Zirlux FC2 Zirconia discs are compatible with the Zirlux LC layering ceramic. Participants will learn the full overview of how this profitable and easy to fabricate material fits into their product portfolio when providing full contour crowns.