Zolid Aesthetics

By Amann Girrbach North America, LP

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Note: This clinic is from a past LAB DAY show

Joaquim Meier, MDT, reports on his everyday experiences with oxide ceramic, CAD/CAM and tooth esthetics. He discusses monolithic zirconia as material for supporting esthetics and long-term success; the advantages and disadvantages, clinical application and contraindication of monolithic zirconia; special features of monolithic zirconia in terms of hardness and abrasion; virtual planning of monolithic cases with data on jaw movement, virtual articulation and CAD modeling; Zolid as translucent subframe for stratification technique; and more.

  • Joachim Maier, MDT

    Owner at Bodensee Oral Design Center

    Joachim Maier, MDT, runs the Bodensee Oral Design Center in South Germany. He was a technician at the School for Dental Medicine in Tübingen, Germany; was the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Bodensee Dentaltechnik AG, a lab...

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