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Tom Bormes covers several topics including implant dentistry and how PRISM Design and Production Center combines the accuracy of 5-axis milling with the design freedom of Additive Selective Laser Melting; removable partial dentures and the Sagix, IC and Preci-52 attachments; overdenture systems and components including the new Locator mini implant and newly designed O ring system; and a new stippling mandrel for dentures and a permanent retention system for acrylic and composite teeth.

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  • Approved for 1 Scientific credit
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  • Thomas Bormes

    CEO at PREAT Corp.

    Tom Bormes, MBA, is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Preat Corp. and a well-respected expert in dental prosthetics, implant restoration and precision attachments. Bormes was the founding President of APM Sterngold, has...

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