Update on Infection Control & Overview of OSHA & FDA Require Practices--Is Your Lab Prepared?

By American Dental Supply, Inc.

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Note: This seminar is from a past LAB DAY show

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In today's regulatory world, the government is checking to ensure compliance more than ever before. Are you prepared? It's not unusual for companies to receive fines following an FDA or OSHA visit. In this informative lecture that can save a laboratory thousands of dollars, Les Hochhauser covers changes in government regulations and how these changes affect the dental industry; which dental devices fall under the FDA's auspices; why Good Manufacturing Practices are necessary and how to get started; the "5 S" program and how it can increase laboratory productivity; the importance of infection control materials; reasons for having a hazard communications program; and chemicals used in the lab, especially for infection control.

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  • Approved for 2 Regulatory Standards credits
  • Les Hochhauser

    Vice President Product Research and Development at American Dental Supply, Inc.

    Les Hochhauser is VP of Product Research and Development for American Dental Supply, Inc. and responsible for the safety and health compliance program at the company. An industrial chemist with over 40 years of experience,...