TRIOS Digital Impression System & 3D Model Printing

By Cadblu, Inc.

Call 212-481-8700 (Pre-registration recommended)

Note: This seminar is from a past LAB DAY show

Stop by the CadBlu workshop for hands-on demonstrations from Mark Borchardt, Rich Motto and Jacob Oppenheimer. See the 3Shape TRIOS digital impression system in action and also see first hand how the TRIOS intraoral scanner transmits its open architectural data to any lab and is then digitally turned into a solid, printable model with removable dies. Get more information on the company's lab partnership program to become a distribution partner and/or model printing center. Private presentation and demonstrations are also available.

  • Call 212-481-8700 (Pre-registration recommended)
  • Approved for 1 Professional Development credit
Speakers (3)
  • Mark Borchardt

    CTO at CadBlu

    Mark Borchardt is the CTO of Cadblu Dental and runs the Cadblu North rapid production facility in Minneapolis. As a former lab owner and certified 3Shape trainer, he has been at the forefront of the digital dentistry movement...

  • Rich Motto

    Owner at Cadblu, Inc.

    Rich Motto, President and Founder of CadBlu, Inc., has been providing CAD/CAM solutions in many industries for almost 20 years. Considered an expert in 3D printing, he has partnered with 3D Systems to co-develop its Viper...

  • Jacob Oppenheimer

    Sales Manager

    Jacob Oppenheimer is the Dental Technical Sales Manager at CadBlu Dental. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Denver University, co-founded Foundation Milling Centre in 2005, has spoken...