The Revolutionary Origin Live Plus 2-in-1 Zirconia: Learn a Simple Coloring Process to Create Gradation of Chroma™ with a Translucent Incisal Effect

B&D Dental Technologies · LAB DAY East 2013

Note: This clinic is from a past LAB DAY show

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About This Clinic

Vincent Tauro explains how the Origin Live Plus Zirconia 2-in-1 system allows users to mill strong, translucent substructures and full contour restorations on the same disc. When paired with the Chroma™ FC Zirconia Coloring Technique, you infuse more life and beauty into your full contour restorations and watch them come a "Live." Also learn key zirconia characteristics to look for and how to achieve esthetic and reliable results.

Speakers (1)
  • Vincent Tauro

    Works at B&D Dental Technologies

    Vincent Tauro, MDT, is a clinician for Origin B&D Technologies. He has lectured at Columbia, Boston College, Harvard and NYU, and has worked for high-production labs like Nu-Dent, Magna Dental and Town and Country. A previous...

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