The New Esthetic Concepts and Possibilities: The Slight Edge

By GC America Inc.

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Note: This seminar is from a past LAB DAY show

Effective communication is a primary skill in any business endeavor, and never more important than in the practice of esthetic dentistry. Pinhas Adar, CDT, MDT, addresses effective methods of communicating esthetic smile design solutions through Trial Smiles and temporary restorations. For both technicians and dentists, the course also discusses how to select the best all-ceramic system for each patient, outlines patient management for esthetic therapy, shares practice management tips, and helps you use your #1 asset--your "little voice"--to build confidence in developing your esthetic caseload.

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  • Approved for 4.5 Scientific CDT credits
  • Pinhas Adar

    CEO at Adar International, Inc.

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