Technical Aspects of Implant-Supported Overdenture Loading Solutions

By Sterngold

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Note: This seminar is from a past LAB DAY show

Frank Munzenmayer, CDT, covers solutions for implant-supported overdentures including recommendations for attachment, stud and bar attachments as well as the unique Stress Free Implant Bar. He also discusses the types of implant-supported attachments; how to fabricate a non-rigid implant-supported attachment; and saving time and money by eliminating casting, soldering, laser welding and milling of bars.

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  • Frank Munzenmayer, CDT

    Consultant at Henry Schein / Zahn

    Frank Munzenmayer, CDT, is a Technical/Education Specialist. He graduated from New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn, NY, and worked as a C&B/ceramic technician for major dental labs in the New York and...