Special Panel Discussion

Nobel Biocare USA · LAB DAY Chicago 2013

Note: This clinic is from a past LAB DAY show

About This Clinic

Come and hear Nobel Biocare's expert panel address the following "hot" topics facing the laboratory today.

1. Digital Communication: Clinical and Laboratory perspectives for success:

  • CB/CT scanning/case planning /prosthetic solutions
  • Integrating digital solutions into the laboratory
  • Are you driving the treatment plan or is the treatment driving you?
  • 2. IRS & Regulatory developments that will impact your laboratory in 2013?

  • New 2.3% tax on "medical device"--What does it mean to your lab?
  • New Regulatory rules that effect "in lab milling" and outsourcing
  • Key benefits to working with a registered Medical Device supplier
  • 3. The edentulous patient treatment incorporating CAD/CAM technology for long term success:

  • Case planning - incorporating the TEAM approach
  • Conversion process/communication and workflow
  • Untapped market and why your lab should consider this opportunity
  • Panel includes moderator Mark Murphy, DDS, and speakers Mark Adams, DDS; Scott Adams, CDT; Alex Byrns, RDT; Lee Culp, CDT; Richard Harrell, CDT; Scott MacLean, DDS; Bennett Napier; and Thomas Wade, CDT.

    • To register, call Nobel Biocare Training and Education at 800-579-6515. For more information, visit www.nobelbiocare.com/chicago2013
    • Approved for 2 Scientific credits and 1 Regulatory Standards credit
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