Removable Partial Dentures--The Lost Art

Preat Corp. · LAB DAY West 2012

Note: This clinic is from a past LAB DAY show

About This Clinic

An esthetic and functional attachment-retained removable partial denture is an excellent option for patients who aren't good candidates for or can't afford implant-supported bridges but desire a natural-looking removable prosthesis. Tom Bormes introduces a new patented technology where the first tooth in the removable partial denture becomes a veneered pontic that matches and blends with the veneered crown on the retaining abutment. This is not a cantilevered pontic; it's part of the removable partial denture.

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  • Approved for 1 Scientific CDT credit
Speakers (1)
  • Thomas Bormes

    CEO at PREAT Corp.

    Tom Bormes, MBA, is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Preat Corp. and a well-respected expert in dental prosthetics, implant restoration and precision attachments. Bormes was the founding President of APM Sterngold, has...