Introducing the New Synspar Advance: Hands-On Workshop

By Zahn Dental

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Note: This seminar is from a past LAB DAY show

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Call Beth Collington at 609-802-3600

Bob Michaels, Master CDT, explains how the new Synspar Advance porcelain layering system for porcelain-fused-to metal offers superior handling while providing a dependable esthetic outcome for each case. Learn how your lab can reach new levels of productivity by using the many special effects easily achieved with this integrated system.

  • Call Beth Collington at 609-802-3600
  • Approved for 2 Scientific credits
  • Bob Michaels, CDT


    Bob Michaels, Master CDT, was awarded Mastership status by the National Board for Certification, one of only a few Masters. He holds certification in six specialties, CD, PD, CB, DE, GE and Technologist and teaches technical classes worldwide.