OT Equator 4-in-1 System and More: Removable Solutions For Successful Overdentures and RPD Treatment Planning

By Rhein83 USA

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Note: This clinic is from a past LAB DAY show

Gianni Storni, MDT, introduces the newest CAD/CAM milling center partners and components of the OT Equator 4-in-1 System. He illustrates technical options and clinical advantages of the low-profile, space-saving 4.4mm width and 2.1 vertical dimensions and demonstrates how OT Equator 4-in-1 offers multi-functional capability for cast passive bar connections using Equator implant abutments. He also highlights the new, economical, bondable Threaded Sleeve System for Equator and Single Threaded Spheres and takes a comprehensive look at correcting multiple-unit implant divergence up to 43° between implants and achieving a passive path of insertion using Sphero Flex and Sphero Block abutments. Labor-saving advantages of the most popular Rhein83 attachment systems are also discussed.

  • call Joe Tambasco at 877-778-8383
  • Approved for 2 Scientific CDT credits
  • Gianni Storni, MDT

    Co-Owner/Vice President of Technology at Rhein83 USA

    Gianni Storni, MDT, Partner/Vice President of Technology for Rhein83 USA, studied dental technology at Villaggio del Fanciullo in Bologna, Italy. A protégé of Ezio Nardi, Founder of Rhein83 srl, Storni’s attachment and...

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