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Milling Titanium Implant Bars & Custom Abutments In-House—Part 2: Calculating the ROI and Profitability for Your Lab

By DATRON Dynamics, Inc.

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Immediately following Part One of this series which outlines the technology required to successfully mill titanium implant parts, Jordan Greenberg and Neal Demazure explore features of the Datron D5 dental mill that can significantly increase your profitability. They also walk you through an ROI calculator to see if manufacturing implants makes sense for your lab.

  • Call 603-672-8890
  • Approved for 1 Scientific credit
Speakers (2)
  • Neal Demazure

    Dental Accounts Manager at DATRON Dynamics, Inc.

    Neal Demazure is the Dental Accounts Manager for DATRON Dynamics, Inc. Since receiving his degree in industrial technology, Demazure’s portfolio of projects includes small parts manufacturing in the temperature control...

  • Jordan Greenberg

    CAD/CAM Product Manager

    Jordan Greenberg is the Dental CAD/CAM Product Manager for DATRON Dynamics and has been involved with digital dentistry for nearly a decade. Prior to joining DATRON, he owned and operated a milling center in Skokie, IL. With...

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