Full-Contour Zirconia: OSD Introduces the Next "Millennium Concept™"

By One Source Dental, Inc.

For more information, call 770-416-1833 or 866-416-1833

Note: This clinic is from a past LAB DAY show

Many new full-contour zirconia systems are about to hit the market. How do we decide which material to use and for which indication? Is it just what the doctor wants, or should we educate them as well? Knowing which material for which indication is paramount for the success of the restoration and growing your business. David Grimes, CDT, and Alexander Schubert, MDT, cover the proliferation of these types of restorations and what is coming down our paths soon. You're also introduced to the next generation of FC-YZ: "Millennium Concept" that offers beauty and strength.

  • For more information, call 770-416-1833 or 866-416-1833
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