Fine Tuning Your Casework With Character

By VITA North America

Call Vident at 800-828-3839, ext. 238

Note: This clinic is from a past LAB DAY show

Vanik Jinoian, MDT, explains how to introduce a quick quality control process into your everyday routine. Measuring the shade and providing documentation guaranteeing shade result can provide you with a customer-service edge. Also learn how to use characterizing stains and glazes to enhance shade and color and create a quality outcome every day. Held hourly.

  • Call Vident at 800-828-3839, ext. 238
  • Approved for 1 Scientific credit
  • Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian, MDT

    CEO at Cera-Tech AG

    Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian, MDT, Owner of Cera-Tech AG in Switzerland, is active in developing and testing new products and ceramic systems. After his apprenticeship in Switzerland, he studied marketing in the U.S. and worked...

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