Esthetic Realities for Today and Tomorrow

By Jensen Dental

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Note: This seminar is from a past LAB DAY show

Even under the best of circumstances, the transfer of information between the dentist and technician for fabricating restorations is difficult and challenging. Educated patients and the advancement of materials have created a need to didactically move through the diagnostic process biomechanically, functionally, periodontally and esthetically. Peter Pizzi, MDT, presents a rational methodology to help eliminate the frustrations often encountered during this endeavor and focuses on the "Team Concept" of restorative dentistry.

  • Call 800-243-2000
  • Approved for 1 Scientific credit
  • Peter Pizzi, MDT

    Owner/Manager at Pizzi Dental Studio

    Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT, FNGS, is the Owner and Manager of Pizzi Dental Studio Inc. An international lecturer, he is a Technical Fellow of the Northeastern Gnathalogical Society; Specialist at The Kois Center for Dental Excellence;...