Efficiency and Esthetics: Doing More With Less

By GC America Inc.

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Note: This seminar is from a past LAB DAY show

In 2006, GC introduced the IQ One-Body System, a "Press-To" porcelain system that gave technicians the freedom to create highly esthetic restorations without the need for time-consuming cutbacks and layering. GC has taken the One-Body concept one step further by introducing the One-Body Layering Over Metal set and the One-Body Layering Over Zirconia set; these porcelain systems allow users to create the same esthetic restorations as IQ Press-Over but in powder form for conventional layering. This "Econ" concept is designed for efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple powders to achieve lifelike results, speeding up production without sacrificing quality. Rick Sonntag, RDT, demonstrates both the efficiency and esthetic potential of the One-Body system and discusses how principles of Lean Manufacturing can be optimized with the IQ system.

  • Call Lisa Gorence at 800-323-7063, ext. 3085
  • Approved for 1.5 Scientific CDT credits
  • Rick Sonntag, RDT

    Owner/President at 4 Points Dental Designs, Inc.

    Rick Sonntag, RDT, is the Owner of 4Points Dental Designs in St. Petersburg, FL, and previously worked as an in-house ceramist at The International Center for Complete Dentistry, the clinical practice of The Dawson Center....