Dentsply Technical Courses

By Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics

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Note: This seminar is from a past LAB DAY show

The following one-hour courses are held simultaneously and repeated every hour on the hour. Each course is approved for 1 Scientific CDT credit.

CAD/CAM Systems—Agility by Design: Learn the advantages and disadvantages of open and closed systems. The Cercon® art/eye and 3Shape scanning and design software are demonstrated to illustrate how data is collected and processed into a design file. Various milling and outsourcing options, such as Compartis®, are also discussed.

Ceramco® iC Integrated Ceramics:Today, labs have a mix of PFM porcelains and ingots that are specific to each type of restoration. In most cases, these materials cannot be interchanged, which results in confusion, longer processing times and large inventories. Learn how a single porcelain system can be used to fabricate PFMs and veneer all-ceramic restorations, and how to use a single ingot for press-to-metal and all-ceramic restorations.

Esthetic Options for Partial Dentures: FRS® flexible dental resin, Thermoflex™ acetal resins and Lucitone® materials offer metal-free options for producing partials, frames, clasps and other removable appliances. Learn how to design clasp units that incorporate directly into a cast frame for extraordinary esthetics and how to offer an alternative to cast clasps and even metal frames with less labor and time.

Fabrication of an Overdenture Bar: Overdenture bars are one of the best ways to stabilize a denture, but are challenging to fabricate. This presentation covers the complete laboratory process, various types of bars, hybrid and bridges, and how they can be fabricated using new Compartis® ISUS CAD/CAM technology for a passive, accurate fit the first time.

Giving Patients Back Their Smile with Esthetic Denture Options: This lecture focuses on patients' attitudes and perceptions regarding their dentures followed by a review of simple, effective methods to select and arrange anterior teeth for natural esthetics. These procedures are an excellent way to promote a "personalized denture" service that makes patients feel like their original smile has been returned to them.

The Latest Developments in Light-Cured Prosthetics: The monomer-free Eclipse® prosthetic resin system continues to lead the way in Visible Light Cured Prosthetics. Using the Enterra® light-curing unit, you can save time by making nightguards, flippers and processed bases in minutes without flasking or devesting. See the benefits of the Clear Denture Palate and the Perfect Partial.

Radica®—The Esthetic, Productive Answer to Provisionals and Diagnostics: Radica provisional and diagnostic resin can save you time and increase your bottom line. Learn how this composite provisional material with excellent physical properties offers simple lab procedures and allows for easy layering of dentin and enamel for outstanding esthetics.

  • For more information, contact Nancy Brunner at 717-849-4347