Application Methods and Limitations of Masking Material For Zirconia Layered Restorations

By Kuraray America, Inc.

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Note: This seminar is from a past LAB DAY show

Using zirconia allows you to produce esthetic, translucent natural-looking crowns. However, despite recent improvements in full contour zirconia, esthetic limitations still exist. Masayuki Saito, RDT, shows valuable techniques to eliminate the limitations of masking materials and achieve positive outcomes by using innovative application methods.  


  • Call Larry Zeno at 800-879-1676, ext. 3953
  • Approved for 1 Scientific credits
  • Masayuki Saito, RDT

    Manager Ceramic Department/Master Ceramist at Cusp Dental Lab

    Masayuki Saito, RDT, is a Master Ceramist at Cusp Dental Laboratory, Malden, MA. He graduated from the Saitama Dental Technician School in Japan and, in 2002, continued his advanced study at Osaka Ceramic Training Center....