Zirconia Coloring Made Easy by Using Enamel-Colored Zirconia

By Asami Tanaka Dental Enterprises, Inc.

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Note: This seminar is from a past LAB DAY show

Zirconia is the choice of material for today's restorative dentistry due to its stength, bio-compatibility and the potential to enhance esthetics. Asami Tanaka, CDT, NMD, and Shinsuke "Shin" Ashina, RDT, discuss this new concept for coloring full-monolithic zirconia restorations using a complete coloring system.

  • Call Bruce Swanson at 800-325-5266 or 847-679-1610
  • Approved for 2 Scientific credits
Speakers (2)
  • Shinsuke Ashina, RDT

    Esthetic Operating Director at LSK 121 Dental Prosthetics

    Shinsuke “Shin” Ashina, RDT, has been a Laboratory Manager since 1993. He was trained in Japan and became a Schütz Dental Group (in Germany)-certified CAD/CAM instructor in 2009.

  • Asami Tanaka

    Founder/President at Tanaka Dental Enterprises

    Asami Tanaka, CDT, NMD, is the Founder and President of Tanaka Dental Technology Institute and Asami Tanaka Dental Enterprises. A renowned ceramist and innovator, his influence in ceramic technology is widespread. He pioneered...