A Complete Coloring System for Full Contour Zirconia & Zirconia Ceramic

By Asami Tanaka Dental Enterprises, Inc.

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Note: This seminar is from a past LAB DAY show

Precise coloring of zirconia can be problematic. In this lecture and demonstration, Asami Tanaka, CDT, NMD, and Shin Ashina, RDT, show how to use the Tanaka Zircolor™Liquid for pre-sintered zirconia to achieve an esthetic translucent appearance. For post-sintering staining, high temperature stable Tanaka ZirChrome™ Nano Stain is used for precise color adjustment and then Tanaka Z-Luster™ Fluorescent Finish, a glass ceramic powder, can be sprayed and baked on the restoration for a natural appearance.

  • call Bruce Swanson at 800-325-5266
Speakers (2)
  • Shinsuke Ashina, RDT

    Esthetic Operating Director at LSK 121 Dental Prosthetics

    Shinsuke “Shin” Ashina, RDT, has been a Laboratory Manager since 1993. He was trained in Japan and became a Schütz Dental Group (in Germany)-certified CAD/CAM instructor in 2009.

  • Asami Tanaka

    Founder/President at Tanaka Dental Enterprises

    Asami Tanaka, CDT, NMD, is the Founder and President of Tanaka Dental Technology Institute and Asami Tanaka Dental Enterprises. A renowned ceramist and innovator, his influence in ceramic technology is widespread. He pioneered...