Wornson-Polzin Dental Lab Triples in Size

Kim Molinaro · Labs & Profiles · Jun 2010

  • The laboratory now boasts a custom shade room off the main lobby (shown here) and ample space to hold on-site CE programs for dentists—which the lab now does about once a month.

  • The laboratory’s new shipping and receiving room—described as an “extended closet” in its old location—is now spacious and well organized.

  • The laboratory features Nevin benches with color-corrected lighting and centralized, on-demand Zubler suction units that have dramatically reduced the noise level in the laboratory. The much larger building has also allowed the laboratory to improve efficiency and effectiveness. For instance, it installed a dry model trimmer, more pressable furnaces and two large burnout ovens for cast partials—including a much-needed backup unit the lab wasn’t able to accommodate previously. “All of these improvements make it so much easier to operate the laboratory,” says Homer.

  • The management team held an “Ooh/Ahh” party for staff members to welcome them into the new building. Staff members were brought in one at a time, and directed to their new benches while one of the managers went along to snap a picture of their reactions. “It was like Christmas morning for them,” says Pettengill. “They all said ‘I can’t believe this is where I’m going to work’ and that attitude is still prevalent today.”

  • A new training/education room features the PTC system and a fully functional laboratory for up to five technicians. The room includes microscopes, waxing stations, AV equipment, anatomical models/skulls, PC with internet access for webinars and a resource library. At Wornson-Polzin, even the administrative staff is required to be PTC-certified in smile design, simplified posterior/anterior anatomy, and oral anatomy and physiology. “The better trained our administrative staff, the better they can communicate with our clients, screen and route calls, enter cases and handle billing,” says Pettengill.

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