Technician's Gallery: Anatomy From Nature

Luke Kahng, CDT · Technical · Jun 2009

  • LSK Esthetic Anatomy Guide fabricated with GC Initial™ feldspathic porcelain.

  • The maxillary and mandibular waxups on the cast. GEO wax from Renfert USA was used.

  • The maxillary and mandibular arches fabricated from root to clinical crown using the GC Initial™ Porcelain System.

  • Occlusal view of the maxillary and mandibular stone cast models.

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Luke Kahng, CDT

Owner at LSK 121 Dental Prosthetics

Luke Kahng, CDT, is the Owner of LSK121 Oral Prosthetics in Naperville, IL. In addition to being a board member for several dental publications, he has published more than 100 articles with major dental...

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