NYU Dental School Honors Jason J. Kim Dental Laboratory

LMT Communications, Inc. · Labs & Profiles · Sep 2006

  • The laboratory’s C&B and all-ceramic restorations are internally multi-layered; while some of the shades are taken chairside, most are taken in the custom shade taking/operatory room at the laboratory shown above.

  • Upon entering the brightly lit, open reception area, visitors are entertained with images of restorations and patients being flashed across the 55" TV screen.

  • Jason J. Kim Dental Laboratory has two locations. Shown above is the new 14,000-sq.-foot operation in Port Washington, New York, which opened last December and boasts a 40-seat lecture room with a high-tech audio/visual system, shade/operatory room, 50-person lunch room and an employee gym. The second location, Oral Design New York, is a 1,700-sq.-foot lab in Manhattan.

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