Maverick Dental Lab Drives Patient Referrals to Clients

Sherrie Shover · Labs & Profiles · Aug 2010

  • The cars have Maverick’s phone number and website address so consumers can get free referrals to dentists in their area.

  • Maverick sent a press release to its dentist-clients to promote the program and, so far, 50% of its local client base has signed up. “Our dentist-clients are thrilled to receive the referral and hopefully we get the case if a prosthetic is needed,” says Chandler.

  • The lab constantly rotates the delivery vehicles among each of its routes so consumers can see all the different messages, like this one.

  • “Harry the Denture Guy”— featured on Maverick’s newest car wrap—is also the face of the lab’s current denture campaign.

  • To complete their vision for the campaign, Fey and Chandler hired a photographer and actors/models in Pittsburg to take the exact photos they wanted. Here, the model’s face was pressed against a piece of glass to create the perfect look.

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