LSK121 Oral Prosthetics Doubles its Space, Multiplies its Appeal

Maribeth Marsico · Dream Labs · Feb 2014

  • WEB EXTRA! Seminar Room The seminar room—which accommodates 32 people and has a large projection screen—is used for 10-12 technician and dentist courses a year, as well as for study club meetings. A huge glass case (right) separates the seminar room from the hands-on training room and displays work fabricated by Kahng and other LSK121 technicians.

  • CAD/CAM Department The CAD/CAM department now has four times more space than it did in the old lab, since this is where Kahng anticipates especially quick and consistent growth. The lab now houses five scanners (from Nobel Biocare, GC, Amann Girrbach, and two from 3Shape) and three Amann Girrbach milling machines.

  • Custom Shade Room The custom shade room has three dental chairs and features plenty of natural lighting. The patient waiting area is complete with a large-screen TV and a refrigerator stocked with drinks and snacks. There’s also an adjacent room designed with kids in mind—for those who come in with patients or are visiting their technician-parents—featuring toys and an iPad.

  • Operatory The fully functioning operatory is equipped with $150,000 worth of equipment, including an X-ray machine, oral scanner, autoclave and more. There’s also a video camera and live feed into the seminar room, allowing LSK121 to enhance its educational offerings with live patient demos.

  • Display Case A huge, built-in glass case separates the seminar room from the hands-on training room and displays work fabricated by Kahng and other LSK121 technicians.

  • Cafeteria In the 800-sq-ft cafeteria, there are a few different types of coffees (free to employees), as well as vending machines, purified water coolers and a fully equipped kitchen for employees who want to whip up their own lunches. A top-of-the-line ventilation system even ensures that aromas don’t travel through the lab.

  • Training Room Each station in the training room is equipped with its own lighting, handpieces and vacuum. The room is used for hands-on training of dentists and new LSK121 technicians, as well as to produce Kahng’s Chairside Ceramic Shade Guide.

  • Production Area In the production area, there’s now room to nearly double the number of technicians, from the current 45 to almost 90. The focus of the renovation was to create an open space that facilitated communication not only within departments, but between them. Kahng used a combination of his existing Dental Arte benches and Lista benches and also installed Inventrix computer systems for tracking cases and other tasks.

  • Reception Area One of Kahng’s goals was to have a beautiful and welcoming reception area, especially since he felt the one in the old lab was too plain. The architect presented him with a few different designs and he chose the one that he felt most closely reflected the modern, clean feel he wanted.

  • Front Entrance

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