In-house R&D a Must For Industry Giant

LMT Communications, Inc. · Labs & Profiles · Apr 2006

  • The department’s Instron testing equipment allows staff to measure the strength, durability and quality of the dental materials used in restorations. Shown here is a standard three-point bending test for flexural strength.

  • The Scanning Electron Microscope with a resolution of 50,000X magnification is used for critical failure analysis and cast metal evaluation, and to verify the bonding interface of ceramics for long-term durability.

  • Glidewell and Wolfgang Freibauer, director of R&D and education, take a closer look at the grain structure of a metal casting.

  • Glidewell (standing, center) meets with the R&D staff to discuss a current project. The lab’s R&D department occupies about 2,500 square feet in three separate areas of the laboratory and has a staff of 14.

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