In-House Laboratory: Tiny But Top Notch

Kim Molinaro · Labs & Profiles · Feb 2011

  • As in-house technicians, Chad Funk (left) and Carmen Garcia (center) have the opportunity for unique, face-to-face communication with Dr. Angart on every case. At the end of each day, the team meets to review cases, ask questions and make sure it has all of the information it needs. “Before I was an in-house technician, every case was just a number, there was no face or personality to it,” says Funk. “Here, I have the chance to meet the patients and get to know them before I make their crowns. When their restorations are ready, I get to see my work in the mouth. When patients look in the mirror to see the final result, they often tear up and thank me. It’s really rewarding.”

  • The dental office features a training center and hosts seminars for area dentists a few times a year. While Dr. Angart conducts a procedure in one of the operatories—like placing an implant or bonding a veneer—it’s displayed on two flat-screen, plasma TVs in the training center. The room features leather chairs, a wet bar, granite countertops and a wine refrigerator, and is also used as a waiting area for patients who need a custom shade taken in the laboratory.

  • The 144-sq-ft, full service laboratory features Dental Arte equipment and furniture, including two benches with granite tops, a covered bench designed to trap metal grindings and ergonomic chairs. A fume hood cabinet has a space-saving secret: a broken-arm casting machine with a built-in torch is hidden inside one of its drawers. The artwork on the wall is courtesy of Naoki Aiba, CDT, who conducted a training course at the lab last year.

  • The lab also features color-corrected lighting and two 22” LCD screens—professionally calibrated to be color correct—used for reference when matching custom shades. Since bench space is limited, the screens hang from the ceiling; the screens can also be adjusted to the desired height and angle.

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