European Vision Shapes Lab Design

Maribeth Marsico · Labs & Profiles · Jun 2010

  • A shot from above the metal/waxing area shows how space is maximized to allow waxing, metal finishing, casting, burnout, pressing, manual milling and even a work area and computer all in this small space. Note that the burnout oven and vacuum casting machines are enclosed in cabinets to eliminate fumes.

  • The entrance to the 275-sq-ft lab: the porcelain area is to the left and the metal/waxing area is to the right.

  • Niche Dental Studio is a joint venture between Joshua Polansky (left) and his father, Dr. Barry Polansky, who is available to consult with the laboratory’s dentist-clients. Two other technicians are also on staff: Joshua’s wife, Emma Bjuhr, and Sooji Lee, one of Joshua’s UCLA classmates. Visit the lab’s website at

  • The ceramic area makes use of the space’s available natural light. Since Polansky wants to eventually accommodate four technicians, it’s designed with as much counter space as possible and storage in overhead cabinets for a cleaner, more modern look. The corner piece shown here is a separate unit so that the benches can easily be accommodated in another space if the lab ever expands or moves.

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