Dental South Hits Growth Spurt During Recession

Maribeth Marsico · Labs & Profiles · Mar 2010

  • The Dental South staff (from front to back): Timber Gaddis, model technician/scan and design; Joy Allgood, sales and marketing; Mitchell Sims, ceramist; Eddie Hackney, wax/finish; Derrick Gaddis, scan and design/milling; Emily McConnell, customer service; Kelly DeLong, finishing; Kathy Davidson, owner; Shannon Davidson, CDT, owner; and Tony Bulley, CDT, continuing education director.

  • Three years ago, when Dental South was in need of a new facility, owner Shannon Davidson knew one thing for sure: he didn’t want the new space to look like a dental lab. When he found this space in a historical square in the city’s center, he knew he was onto something. The finished product won the Golden Nail award, given by the city for renovations and new constructions completed in downtown Gainesville.

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