Dental Laboratory Registration Bill Signed Into Law in Minnesota

By LMT Communications, Inc.

Posted May 18, 2012 in Industry News

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton (seated) signs the Minnesota Dental Laboratory Registration Bill into law. Looking on are (from l. to r.): Sheryle Hazard, CAE, Executive Director, MDLA;...See more

  • Well, it's not overly intrusive or expensive at least! Gary is a good friend of mine, and I shared all of my thoughts on this during the assembly of the bill. I hate the thought of having to organize, administrate and pay 50 different state registrations. I think some states look at it as a way to generate income, or just give dentists ore control over labs, where this one actually has the best of intentions and does not make it so burdensome to hurt small labs. I have never had the chance to ask what the penalty is for non-compliance, and how they will enforce this, but at such a nominal fee,...See more

  • Jose Walter · Owner at Bam! Dental Products

    Hmm...sounds pretty good...simple...what do you guys think?

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