20-Implant, Full Mouth Reconstruction: a Once-in-a-Career Opportunity

By Kelly Fessel Carr

Posted Sep 14, 2012 in Labs & Profiles

  • Rob Teachout, CDT · Professional at Patriot Dental Lab

    "Galvanic reactions and non-precious alloys
    Whenever two dissimilar metals are in contact with each other an electrical current is
    generated. The consequence of the current is dependent upon the materials and
    environment. Multiple studiesii,iii,iv have been conducted on the effects of alloys in contact
    with titanium implants. Interestingly the studies have been conducted independent of each
    other but the results are quite consistent.

    Do not use non-precious alloys in conjunction with implants.

    Nickel or cobalt based alloys will corrode when in contact with titanium. Table 1 shows the
    electrochemical...See more

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