How are you lighting your porcelain dept. / ceramist benches?

Mark Jackson, RDT · May 24, 2012

    Mark Jackson, RDT

    Owner at Precision Ceramics, CT Scanning and Implant Planning Center

We are using color corrected bulbs in the range you are, but we augment by only using the operatory with northern light. Additionally, we take pictures with shade tabs and use the Vita Easy Shade. Between all of these things we get pretty close. I don't think only one, or even two of them alone will do the job. If you call the bulb manufacturer, they may have a local rep who can come to your lab with instruments and advice on choosing surface lighting..that's what we did, and the salesman can over to see us. One thing we did, was remove the flosted plastic lenses on the fixtures and replace them with chrome grills, and we also put mylar tape behind the bulbs to reflect more light downward, and offset the white paint in the box. All of these suggestions came from that technical rep who visited us.