Vision USA, a Dentrex Co.

Cherry Hill, NJ

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  • DC100 Sintering Furnace

    Vision USA, a Dentrex Co. · Equipment

    Developed for zirconia ceramics, the DC100 from VISION USA is fully programmable and has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 1,600°C for highly translucent zirconia. It incorporates an industrial-grade MoSi2...

  • Purge Sinter

    Vision USA, a Dentrex Co. · Consumables

    VISION USA'€™s Purge Sinter is a decontaminator for your sintering furnace. Contamination builds in the furnace from oxides in coloring agents used to shade zirconia, and these oxides cause greening or yellowing of the...

  • Purge ZR

    Vision USA, a Dentrex Co. · Consumables

    Purge ZR (Zirconia Furnace Decontaminator) is a double-activated ion and oxide-absorbing material that eliminates contaminates that can cause discoloration and porcelain delamination in zirconia copings. For example, the...

  • ReVenge Scanner

    Vision USA, a Dentrex Co. · Digital Fabrication

    Vision USA’s ReVenge Scanner is a five-axis, binocular, light-structured scanning system that accurately captures detail of less than five microns. The open-architecture system is compatible with .stl files and includes...

  • Vision Solera

    Vision USA, a Dentrex Co. · Consumables

    The "Injection Precision Cut" grain structure makes Solera from VISION USA a fast-building porcelain for ceramic restorations, including veneers. This high-fusing porcelain is ideal for use with silver-containing alloys;...

  • Vision Zirkon

    Vision USA, a Dentrex Co. · Consumables

    VISION USA's Vision Zirkon Porcelain for milled zirconia copings provides excellent shade matching accuracy. Its exact CTE settings and excellent adhesion result in optimum performance on different zirconium oxide frameworks,...

  • Dental Creators UNO.5® Desk Top and 10.5 Mills

    Vision USA, a Dentrex Co. · Product News · June 20, 2013

    Dental Creators UNO.5 Desk Top and 10.5 compact stand-alone milling machines offer continuous five-axis milling for high-precision basic copings to abutments and bars. From VISION USA, the machines mill...See more