• They have not written IRS regs about it yet and have only told us to 'be prepared'. This puts the IRS under the gun, as this is an election year. Goodbye Obama. — tagged Excise Tax and Medical Device

  • What's your opinion on industry regulations?

    A few more states are (most likely) on their way to imposing certain regulations on our industry - everything from disclosure statements on materials and their origin to reinstating the mandation of training and lab registration. Do you live in one of these states? What's your opinion? Curious to hear...

    Most recently May 8, 2012

    My laboratory is in one of these states. Thanks to the Florida Dental Laboratory and Florida Dental Associations collaborations, the industry has 'Changes'. When the law took effect and much was published about it, my lab recieved several calls from Dental offices about it, which was alarming. (flyers were being sent to them) The changes are nothing new to my lab, as we have always disclosed our materials, been registered and attend business and technical clinics each year and made sure our Rx's were signed. The bottom line is that it might seem that your Dental Association is doing you a favor...See more

  • Hi Ric! How are you guys? Is this your grandson? Do tell! What are y'all up to? How's business too? I'm very glad to see you here. Welcome.

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