Nabertherm, Inc.

New Castle, DE

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  • HTCT 01/16 P330 Furnace

    Product (Furnaces) · Furnaces · Nabertherm, Inc. · Equipment

    NABERTHERM's new high-temperature HTCT 01/16 P330 furnace uses zirconia-friendly SiC heating elements to reach 1,550°C in less than 40 minutes with cooling capability back down to 200°C inside two hours. The 110V...

  • LHT 02/17 LB Speed Furnace

    Nabertherm, Inc. · Equipment

    NABERTHERM GmbH's LHT 02/17 LB Speed furnace is perfectly suited for sintering translucent zirconia up to 1,650°C. It has an Integrated Speed Cooling System and special heating elements made of molydenum disilicide that...

  • LHT 02/17 LB Speed Sintering Furnace

    Nabertherm, Inc. · Equipment

    NABERTHERM’S new high-temperature LHT 02/17 LB Speed sintering furnace, equipped with molybdenum disilicide heating elements and a maximum operating temperature of 1,650°C, is ideal for translucent zirconia. The openly...

  • LHT 03/17 D Furnace

    Nabertherm, Inc. · Equipment

    NABERTHERM GmbH's LHT 03/17 D is a high-temperature chamber furnace ideal for sintering translucent zirconia units up to 1,650°C. It offers ease of operation and special molybdenum discilicide heating elements that protect...

  • Partnership Announcement: Sagemax Now Offering Nabertherm Sintering Furnace

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LAB DAY · Apr 2012

    Partnership Announcement Sagemax announces a new partnership with Nabertherm to offer its high-temperature HTCT 01/16 zirconia sintering furnace. Equipped with SiC heating elements to avoid contamination...See more