Martin Rigutto

President/CEO at OnCore Dental, Inc.

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President of OnCore Dental Inc.

Mr. Rigutto has been teaching and lecturing for most of his career, along with operating 4 laboratories, and building a dental company with new and innovative ceramics in North America. Having successfully developed ceramic systems for his dental company in 1993 with a revolutionized systems approach to reduce labor costs and increase the profitability and beauty of the final product. The experiences lead to other projects for other companies where new products were developed and completed for market. The benefits and knowledge in the field of dentistry, as it relates to practice management, gives him insight as to what is needed to support dentists in their practices to elevate them to a higher level as the ultimate goal. Relating to the Dentist's and laboratory needs for better productivity and profitability at a high level is the primary goal when supplying a product or service. Mr. Rigutto has helped sales and development of markets and material application for major dental Companies in his career in both fixed and removable. Mr. Rigutto has taught in major schools and universities around the world, and has made his ideas, products, and applications, useful and profitable, through his experiences of operating 4 dental laboratories, and successful clinical testing of products for major dental companies at major universities has been a valuable asset to the clients and his new business.

OnCore Dental Inc. is bringing a new proprietary product to market called Dentisse for the Professionals only. This product line consists of a tooth paste made of kaolin clay, a non-alcoholic oral rinse, and a new lip balm. Products are made with natural ingredients that prove to be better than other products on the market. You can visit the website to gain additional information, and see how you and your patients can profit from this outstanding new oral line of preventative products @ The other existing product in OnCore Dental is called Ultra Suction™. This is a very useful product that aids in the stabilization of dentures, where patients are able to have a product that eliminates the aid of adhesives. Indicated when patients have limited bone support or can't afford implants. The products has gained market acceptability and success over the last 5 years OnCore Dental is dedicated to give dentists and laboratories technologies and products that are truly beneficial to the end users and their practices. Brighten your Practice! It's only natural!