Kyle Keating

Marketing Director at Keating Dental Arts

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Kyle Keating is a Digital Marketing Coordinator for Keating Dental Arts. Kyle has worked for his family's dental lab since 2004.

Kyle Keating grew up in Irvine and has lived in Orange County, California all his life. Kyle has worked in Sales and Marketing at Keating Dental Arts since 2004 and is responsible for its online marketing efforts. Kyle received his Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design and is currently working on a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Kyle has attended dental shows in Chicago, Las Vegas and Anaheim with Keating Dental Arts. He has taken courses/training at the Las Vegas Institute and at Sandler Sales Institute. Kyle is an avid fisherman and golfer. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and their two dogs. 


Work Info
  • Keating Dental Arts

    Marketing Director · Irvine, CA

    As an innovtive, quality-driven dental lab, we provide our dentists porcelain veneers, full-cast gold crowns and life-like composites, Keating Labs veneers are hand-layered porcelain on platinum foil as well as porcelain fused to metal prosthesis.