San Diego, CA

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  • JEL 71 Noble Palladium-Silver Alloy

    Jelenko · Consumables

    JELENKO's economical Jel 71 noble palladium-silver alloy offers exceptional strength for PFM applications, including implants. It can be used with both pressing and layering techniques and all regular-fusing porcelains. The...

  • Jelenko

    Product (Refining) · Refining · Jelenko · Tools / Services

    Serving the dental industry for 100 years, JELENKO offers a sophisticated, analytical refining service that uses procedures and additional scientific steps for high returns on your scrap materials. Each refine is supported...

  • NobleBond™

    Jelenko · Consumables

    NobleBond is a versatile, silver-free, corrosion resistant noble alloy, making it a great solution over titanium implants and suitable for both layering and pressing porcelain. Its relatively light color and high strength...