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    My name is Mario from Genistar, North American distributor of 3D printers from Prodways. We will be present at the Chicago LMT Lab Days in two weeks in Booth #B-56.

    Prodways' line of dental 3D printers, which require no support material, are designed for dental labs and service bureaus engaged in the high-volume production of dental models, molds, crowns and casting patterns for copings or partial denture frameworks. (See www.genistar.com/dental.php )

    The Prodways printers integrate the unique "MovingLight" technology to produce ultra-high resolution parts - big or small -...See more

  • The road isn't a road...is what you make as a road
    Jack Garcia, CDT · Manager at Tischler Dental Lab

    What comes for all when no road exists?
    What comes around when the road has turns?
    When does the road become difficult?
    When does a road take you there?
    Is that a road on the road or am I making my own road?
    ...just one road within the roads that take you to another road...

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  • Object printer works good as long as the design is properly executes and the parameters have been setup accordingly.

  • I'm seriously looking for a great opportunity to work with a team of dedicated, open minded technicians by offering some experience in all most aspects of dental technology. Need to get my passion back before is too late.
    You can send me an email and quick review my profile.
    I am open to great propositions that have a great benefit for me and a enormous range of knowledge to share.
    Thank you.
    jgarsse@hotmail.com — tagged Networking

  • Jack Garcia, CDT · Manager at Tischler Dental Lab

    Back on the game after a well deserved month vacation.
    I left Glidewell to start a new venture.
    Dental Designs of South Florida in junction with my previous lab Dynotech Diaogostics.
    Full service laboratory in the look for CDL certification and quality oriented technicians.

  • Knowing What You Know...
    Jack Garcia, CDT · Jun 07, 2013

    Knowing what you know doesn’t mean you know more than others know, or those others know more than you know. Maybe they don’t know what you know, so what you know might not be what you need to know, because another one could not know what others know, including what you know. At...

  • The Poetry Book
    Jack Garcia, CDT · Jun 05, 2013

    In this game called “LIFE”, is not really about how you fall down, is more about how you are picking up yourself without touching the ground and continue with the so called “process”, until the pieces are together once more. Until then, just make room for little mistakes, ...

  • Jack Garcia, CDT · Manager at Tischler Dental Lab

    Reach for those who lead with passion, or the ones who lead with power.
    You will define your path.

  • Jack Garcia, CDT · Manager at Tischler Dental Lab

    Got Certified in Implants, very proud of this accomplishment.
    For some technicians, a CDT is a good thing to have, for me, is the path to follow.
    Think, develop, solve, execute, make somebody smile.
    You are a Dental Technician, be proud.

  • Jack Garcia, CDT · Manager at Tischler Dental Lab

    Within the reassurance of new technologies coming into the market of Dental Technology, we are testing new products without even finishing the last batch that different companies are kindly supplying us to optimize and maximize our reputation and our passion for teeth, as Dental Technicians and Laboratories.
    Which will be the factor that really alters the buying decision towards a prospective element in the lab on in the dental office?
    What about the sales representatives that try to convince or sale the new or better said, renovated products that are already making their marks in the industry?

    The...See more

  • To all of you my fellow partners in the Dental field, is a reality that the speed we are running with the technology is no joke, but, getting an specialty in CAD and not necessarily in CAM for some, will not make too much sense when our new technicians are just knowledgeable with a joystick (with all my respects) and have no fundamentals in Dental Technology. How many times have you asked a CAD technician if he/she is taking into consideration a curve of spee/ or perhaps if a crown lengthening if recommended?
    Don’t get me wrong, I love CAD and I love my field, but the losing art is not about...See more

  • Jack Garcia, CDT · Manager at Tischler Dental Lab

    Introduction to the Inclusive Tooth Replacement Solution Open Platform: A Comprehensive, Patient-Specific Implant Treatment Package
    Dates and Times
    April 11, 2013
    5:30 pm - 7:00 pm PST

    May 9, 2013
    5:30 pm - 7:00 pm PST
    Glidewell International Technology Center, Irvine, Calif.
    Available CE
    1.5 Hours
    Register Online
    Print Faxable Registration Form
    Fax Number: 949-724-1740

  • Jack Garcia, CDT · Manager at Tischler Dental Lab

    When living an amazing adventure, always watch out for that something missed out that it was even more real!

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