David Lindsay

Owner at Lindsay & Associates

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Fixed and Removable Technician for over 30 years

Started working in "76" and got my Complete Denture CDT 5 years later and then picked up my C&B Certification in 1990. I've worked as an in-house technician for a couple of CA Prosthodontists, owned and operated my own full service labs in AZ, and managed Denture departments for National Dentex twice. I've worked for ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers for the past 2 years in San Jose and San Diego CA offices. I'm currently the in house Lab Technician for Aspen Dental Klamath Falls, in Klamath Falls, OR and I also maintain my own private lab. Back in 98 I shifted focus and I took 11 years off from Dentistry and worked in IT until I got laid off in 09 at which time I decided to get back into Dentistry and have enjoyed catching up on the newest techniques and trends.