Joey Trevino

Owner/Creator at Cascade Dental Services

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I kinda dabble in everything. I just live, do all I can till I can't do no more and my time is up. What are you gunna be remembered for?

Fell into the industry like most of us did. My sister worked in dental lab since I was young. I would go see her and though not interested at the time, I knew of the industry. After completing college sociology degree, I soon followed my pipe dream to Las Vegas to become a well know bartender. So the night before I packed my car to the unknown on a whim, I asked my sister to show me something so that I could put it on my resume. Real basic rudimentary model work. Well i moved to Vegas, needless to say after a month of realizing that you need to know someone in the industry to even get a job bartending in this town. I began looking for anything, rent is due. Well low and behold, the first job to hit was a position in a model room of this big lab here. Man I look back at my resume now that I am well into my career and just laugh, geez they definitely took a chance. But I took off from the get go because I knew I wanted to succeed. So after jumping from different labs, each progressing in ranks and knowledge, to the end goal of business ownership. And here I am today. Next step, retirement. Though in reality years of service are not as many as some ahead of me, my experience levels are far more advanced than most. Is it years or knowledge and skills that give you experience.

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