Freuding Labors GmbH, Germany

Stetten, Germany

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  • Plaster room

    Freuding Labors GmbH, Germany · Equipment

    An efficient workflow in your lab is more important than ever. The foundation is the design of the lab equipment. Just plaster and cast rooms here are often neglected. Use our over many years acquired knowledge. Plastering...

  • reception groups

    Freuding Labors GmbH, Germany · Equipment

    Welcome your patients in a pleasant atmosphere.The reception area is the showpiece of your dental office. Create something unique through the interplay of design, material and color. Well-crafted choice materials - that's...

  • Technical Benches

    Freuding Labors GmbH, Germany · Equipment

    FREUDING GERMANY is back in the U.S. market with its technical benches and also sells direct to U.S. customers. These modern benches are built with quality materials and equipped with unique features. Customers benefit from...

  • Technical Workbenches

    Freuding Labors GmbH, Germany · Equipment

    Freuding technical work benches are tried and tested for decades. The different types of benches are thereby constantly evolved and adapted to the working methods of today. Individual solutions can be realized in cooperation...

  • Product Focus: Laboratory Furniture

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Promotions · Feb 2013

    Furniture manufacturers and distributors offer a wealth of design and renovation strategies. Here, seven companies share how they helped their laboratory customers realize their vision, whether it was...See more